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During the attack on Kyiv, air defence forces shot down 6 Kinzhals, 9 Kalibr and 6 Shaheds: debris fell on the zoo, cars were damaged (details)

Maria Tsikhotska

During the attack on Kyiv, air defence forces shot down 6 Kinzhals, 9 Kalibr and 6 Shaheds: debris fell on the zoo, cars were damaged (details)

As a result of the nighttime missile attack on the Ukrainian capital, the debris from the downed missile hit the territory of the zoo in the Shevchenkivskyi district, and the debris also fell in the Darnytskyi, Obolonskyi and Solomianskyi districts. In Solomianskyi district, a non-residential building and several cars caught fire, and in the Darnytskyi district, two cars were damaged.

This was reported by Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko on Telegram.

"Explosions in Kyiv. Several in the Solomianskyi district. And in Shevchenkivskyi, rocket fragments fell on the territory of the zoo. In the Solomianskyi district, several cars caught fire as a result of the rocket debris, and a building of 200 square metres was damaged.

In the Darnytskyi district of the capital, two cars were damaged as a result of the fall of rocket fragments. There was no information about the victims. According to preliminary information, there are three victims in the Solomianskyi district. There were no injuries in the Obolonskyi district, where the debris fell. Wreckage of a UAV fell in the forest park area in the Darnytskyi district, without igniting."

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According to preliminary information from the Chief of the Kyiv City Military Administration, most of the missiles were shot down.

"The enemy launched a complex attack from different directions simultaneously, using UAVs, cruise missiles and probably ballistic missiles. It was exceptional in its density - the maximum number of attacking missiles in the shortest possible time," he said.

According to Popko, most of the damage caused by the falling debris was in the Solomyanskyi district.

"Preliminary reports of debris falling in the Solomianskyi, Shevchenkivskyi, Sviatoshynskyi, Obolonskyi and Darnytskyi districts of the capital. The biggest damage was in the Solomenskyi district, where a non-residential building and several vehicles caught fire. The fire has been extinguished.

In the rest of the districts, the damage is not significant - in most of them, debris fell on parked cars, the adjacent territory or the forest park area," he said.


Recall that the occupiers shelled Luhansk again: a former aviation school was hit.

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