Magnetic storms in October: dangerous days for the second month of autumn are named

Kateryna Dutik

Magnetic storms 2023 - when are magnetic storms in October and how to protect your health

Mid-autumn will be calm in terms of solar activity. In general, weather addicts should not worry too much during October.

However, at one point, a magnetic storm can have a significant impact on human health. This is evidenced by the Meteoagent portal data.

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The beginning of the month may seem very difficult, as a medium-sized meteorological impact is expected on October 1.

On October 2, there will be weak solar activity, which may affect your mood or general reluctance to take action.

The strongest magnetic storm is expected on October 5. Its peak will be in the morning, but the effect on the body of weather-sensitive people will last until late at night. Sudden mood swings, headaches, and exacerbation of chronic diseases are possible.

Two more weak magnetic storms are expected between October 13 and 15 and on October 23-26. Not everyone will feel the solar activity on these days.

Quite serious solar activity is predicted at the end of the month - on October 29-30.

We offer you useful tips to help you survive magnetic storms without harm to your health:

  • spend more time outdoors,
  • avoid alcoholic beverages, coffee, energy drinks, fatty and heavy foods,
  • keep to your sleep schedule,
  • drink more clean water.

It is worth remembering that scientists' forecasts may change depending on the situation on the Sun and the impact of solar flares on the Earth's atmosphere.

It is worth reminding you that some foods can help stop aging and stay younger longer. Thanks to useful trace elements and vitamins, they will have a great impact on human health.

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