Summer of "bare nails": TikTok showed the trendy manicure of this season

Ihor Romanko

Manicure bare nails trend 2023

When it's warm and sunny outside, the last thing you want to do is spend several hours in a salon getting your nails done. That's why the idea of "summer with bare nails" has gained popularity on TikTok . Users are ditching complicated gel and acrylic manicures in favor of natural nails, which allows them to save time and effort while giving their nail beds a little rest.

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The idea of bare nails is to avoid regular trips to the salon for a complex manicure in favor of natural nails that do not require special care. Rachel Apfel Glass, founder of GLOSSLAB, notes that bare nails can be completely varnish-free or covered with a quick-drying clear or natural varnish.

Long artificial nails and intricate designs have been in vogue for many years, so ditching them in favor of short, bare nails seems a bit unusual. However, nude nails have become a favorite choice of influencers such as Tinx, Alix Earle, Xandra Paul, and Paige Lorenze, who have been spotted wearing the discreet manicure. Seeing others enjoying life with bare nails makes you want to try this flawless look.

According to Apfel Glass, bare nails are in line with the minimalist trend of "your nails, but better" and allow you to enjoy simplicity by giving up complex manicures, such as mermaid or nail extensions, which require a lot of time and effort in the salon. If you're tired of repeating your manicure every two weeks, bare nails are a great option for you. They allow you to save time and money.

A polish-free manicure is also good for nail health. Constant use of acrylic or gel can damage the nail bed and make the tips of the nails brittle or split. According to Apfel Glass, bare nails can be thought of as a healthy rest for nails, where they can "breathe" and strengthen while avoiding gels, acetone, and other chemicals.

How to get a flawless bare nail look?

Apfel Glass recommends using a pale pink, dark brown, white, or a transparent gloss. Julie Russell, a do-it-yourself manicure expert from Sally Beauty, also suggests taking good care of your nails to make them look neat and well-groomed, even without complicated decorations. First, cut your natural nails and apply a strengthening product. This will help repair any damage caused by acrylic or gel and keep the tips strong when they grow back.

"The success of the nude nail trend depends not only on choosing products that accentuate your natural look, but also those that help your natural nails," explains Russell.

If your nails have bumps or marks from a gel manicure, it is recommended to apply two to three coats of a strengthener to smooth the surface. Then apply the desired polish and cover it with a quick-drying top coat to secure the polish and keep the tips strong. Every three to five days, while your nails are growing, reapply the top coat. Additionally, cuticle oil will help to keep your nails looking healthy.

"Before applying the oil, remove the cuticle. This will emphasize the natural look of the nails and give them a well-groomed appearance," Russell advises.

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