The Legend of the Elysian Treasure: Is there really gold hidden in the center of Los Angeles

Maria Tsikhotska

The Legend of the Elysian Treasure: Is there really gold hidden in the center of Los Angeles

Los Angeles is not a city that is associated with ancient treasures. However, it is associated with an interesting ancient legend, according to which gold is buried in Elysian Park. The legend of the treasure is more than a hundred years old, and even though there is no concrete evidence of its existence, locals do not give up hope of finding it.


Grunge writes about it.


According to legend, in 1846, at the beginning of the American-Mexican War, wealthy residents of the city learned of the approach of American troops. In order to save themselves and their property from the Americans, the residents dug tunnels that would help them escape and hid money and valuables that they could not take with them. According to history, there were chests of gold and jewelry.

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Treasure expert Roy Flesch suggests that the residents were hiding their wealth from the war.

"It was the best thing they could do to save their valuables at the time. And it was a common way because there were no banks. If you wanted to protect something, bury it, hide it," he says.

Skeptics believe that the legend of the treasure is nothing more than fiction and was invented to increase the number of visitors to Elysian Park. Many people have tried to find the treasure. Robert Flesch walked around the park with a metal detector and even found some unusual depressions that could indicate buried treasure, but he couldn't find anything else.

Even if gold exists, it is forbidden to search for it in the parking area with any tools in California. You can only sift through the top layer of sand in play areas, provided that it does not cause inconvenience to visitors. Despite the ban and the lack of accurate facts, locals hope to find something interesting in the park.

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