Red pepper and water: how to scare pigeons away from the balcony

Maria Tsikhotska

Red pepper and water: how to scare pigeons away from the balcony

Pigeons often choose balconies as a nesting place because they are warmer, more comfortable and probably have something to eat. However, these birds can quickly turn a tidy balcony into something terrifying. In addition, these birds carry dangerous diseases, which is why they are called "sky rats".

So how can you make your balcony unattractive to birds? There are several methods:


Pigeons, like other animals and birds, do not like ultrasound. Therefore, you can buy an ultrasonic repeller from a specialist shop and forget about pigeons.

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Red pepper

Sprinkle red pepper, cloves, saffron, black pepper, or curry on the balcony and window sill. These are very aromatic spices, the smell of which will scare away birds. But make sure that they are not scattered by the wind.


Pigeons are very afraid of water. If you notice uninvited guests on your territory, spray water on them.

Also, take away all food, boxes, blankets, and warm clothes from the balcony that pigeons can use to howl their nests.

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