When to remove the lid of the pan to make perfect roast potatoes

Ihor Romanko

When to remove the lid of the pan while frying potatoes

Fried potatoes are not only the perfect side dish for delicious cutlets, but also a great dish to enjoy on their own. However, frying potatoes properly is not easy. If the pieces become overcooked or have an unappealing texture, you may have used the frying pan lid incorrectly.

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The lid and the moment of removal are important details when frying potatoes. We'll show you how to achieve crispiness and avoid overcooking.

When to remove the lid and how to use it?

To get a tasty side dish with an appetizing texture, there are several important nuances to consider when cooking potatoes. These include the intensity of the heat, the moment of adding salt, and, of course, the use of the lid. Initially, at the first stage of frying potatoes, the lid should be kept on the pan. This stage lasts about 15 minutes, during which the potatoes should be cooked over low to medium heat.

After 15 minutes, the lid should be removed and the heat should be increased. You can also add a little butter to the potatoes. This butter will melt and seep through the dish, and when it drains to the bottom of the pan, it will be added to the oil in which the potatoes were fried earlier.

Cook the potatoes until a dense crust forms on the surface of the pieces. Add salt only 1-2 minutes before the end of cooking.

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