When is it time to plant radishes in the open field: tips from gardeners

Anastasia Kryshchuk

When is it time to plant radishes in the open field: tips from gardeners

Radishes need enough care and effort to get a really good harvest. This garden plant can surprise you with its fastidiousness.

Experienced gardeners have their own secrets and tips for planting radishes in the open field. It's not just the time of planting that matters.

In general, radish grows very quickly, with only a month passing from sowing to harvest. Thus, in spring, from the first days of March, the plant can be sown every week until June.

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According to the lunar calendar, the best dates for planting radishes in 2023 are:

  • April 15 - 25;
  • May 5 - 20;
  • July 25 - August 5.

It is important to sow the plant in sunny areas in spring, but in summer it is better to give preference to darkened beds. Before planting, clear the soil of debris and weeds, add sand, humus and compost.

Radishes should be planted by scattering the seeds individually into the grooves. The distance between the seeds should be up to 7 cm. Do not sow too deeply, up to 1.5 cm.

As a reminder, the sowing season begins in spring, nature comes to life, and insects return with it. Some of them, such as ants, can harm your plants, so you need to fight them. Read how to do this in our article.

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