Catastrophic climate change: what awaits humanity over the next 80 years

Maria Tsikhotska

Catastrophic climate change: what awaits humanity over the next 80 years

Scientists are increasingly paying attention to what the future holds for our planet. And their predictions, unfortunately, are not encouraging: extreme drought, floods, and storms are becoming more severe, suggesting that climate change will be catastrophic in the future. Scientists at the University of Virginia argue that the planet is on the verge of several tipping points that will sooner or later cause dramatic climate change.

This is reported by Science Alert.

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A group of scientists led by climatologist Paul Diermeier used computer modeling to predict what the planet will face by 2100. It turned out that temperature changes and precipitation are likely to greatly alter the planet's climate. So much so that humanity will have to create new maps for the first time in 150 years.

According to the forecast, Dirmeyer notes that in the most favorable scenario, 38% to 40% of the world's land will be in a completely different climate zone by the end of the century. In the worst case scenario, about half of the planet's land area will be in a different climate zone than today.

According to the Köppen-Geiger maps, which are a system used to classify the world into 5 climate zones based on temperature, precipitation and season, scientists have concluded that

- the tropical climate will expand from 23% to 25% of the Earth's land area;

- most of the Earth's surface will become arid - from 31% to 34%;

- up to 89% of Europe and 66% of North America will be in the new climate zone.

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