What household appliances can be left unplugged while on holiday

Ihor Romanko

What household appliances can be left unplugged while on holiday
What household appliances can be left unplugged while on holiday. Source: eenergy.com.ua

Attempts by homeowners to save energy and prevent possible fires lead to the question of which appliances should be unplugged and which can be left plugged in. The dilemma between energy saving and convenience can be solved with smart solutions.

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Before switching off electrical appliances, you should figure out which of them require constant power and which can remain connected. Hlavred writes about this.

Which electrical appliances are best left connected for safety reasons?

It is important to remember that certain appliances must be connected to ensure safety and normal operation.

  1. Medical devices: Insulin pumps, ventilators, heart rate monitors and other medical devices should be left on as they can provide life-saving support.
  2. Home security systems: CCTV cameras and security systems should be kept switched on to ensure your home is continuously monitored and protected.
  3. Servers and computers: If you manage critical data or services, servers and computers are best left powered at all times to avoid data loss and unavailability.
  4. Refrigerators and freezers: These appliances need to run continuously to maintain a stable temperature and avoid food spoilage.
  5. Automatic lighting systems: If you have an automatic lighting system, it's important to leave it plugged in to keep it functioning properly.

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What appliances can be unplugged?

Some appliances can be unplugged if you do not plan to use them for a long time:

  1. Microwaves and toasters: After using a microwave or toaster oven, unplug it from the wall outlet to avoid possible accidents or fires.
  2. Chargers: When charging devices, unplug the charging adapters when finished to use electricity efficiently.
  3. Electric heaters: Switch off electric heaters when not in use to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.
  4. Hair appliances: Curling irons, hairdryers and other hair appliances can be unplugged after use to avoid unplanned heating.
  5. Electric kettles: Switch off electric kettles when the water is hot to avoid overheating and unnecessary energy consumption.

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