What 4 types of foods are best not to consume after the age of 40 if you want to lose weight

Ihor Romanko

What foods prevent you from losing weight after the age of 40

After the age of 40, the metabolism slows down, so it becomes more difficult to lose weight. Certain foods are better to exclude from the diet of those who want to lose excess weight. Nutrition expert Lisa R. Young shares her advice. She urged those who want a slim figure to give up four types of foods.

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  1. Products with low fiber content. Fiber is important because it gives a long-lasting feeling of satiety. High-fiber foods lower cholesterol, help control blood glucose levels and normalize intestinal peristalsis. Lisa advised against eating white bread, dry cereals, soft wheat pasta, hard cheese, and cream soups. It is better to give preference to fresh vegetables and fruits, kefir, natural yogurt, and cereals;
  2. Processed meat. Processed meat is high in fat. Salami, sausages, and other products can provoke inflammatory processes in the body and contribute to weight gain. It is better to consume turkey or chicken instead;
  3. Ultra-processed products. They interfere with weight loss and increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases. Such foods contribute to blood sugar spikes and can lead to diabetes. It is better to avoid chips, cookies, and fast food and replace them with fish, beans, nuts, vegetables, and fruits;
  4. Fruit juices. Store-bought juices contain a lot of sugar. They are processed, so there is no fiber. Frequent consumption of such drinks leads to weight gain. It is better to replace purchased fruit juices with pure water or herbal tea.

WARNING! The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical or health advice. Always consult a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional for any health-related questions.

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