How to return a rich and bright shade to black clothes: a life hack with pepper

Ihor Romanko

How to wash black clothes to restore their rich color

Black clothes are an indispensable element of many wardrobes, but they can quickly lose their rich color if you don't follow the washing rules. Faded black color and laundry detergent that leaves white streaks can give the impression of unkemptness. However, there are simple and effective ways to preserve the brightness of black clothes.

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One of the interesting life hacks recommended by experts is the use of black pepper. Some users confirm its effectiveness, while others express some doubts related to possible damage to the fabric.

Here are the steps to help preserve the bright color of your black clothes:

  1. Machine wash. You should wash your black clothes using a normal washing cycle;
  2. Adding pepper. During the rinse cycle, add a small amount of black pepper (about one tablespoon) to the detergent compartment. This life hack is intended to preserve the color brightness;
  3. Rinse with pepper. Run the machine in the rinse cycle. According to experts, rinsing with pepper will help preserve the color intensity of your clothes.

It is worth remembering that before applying any method, it is recommended to test it on a small section of fabric to make sure that it does not damage the material.

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