How to keep your car clean: tips for drivers

Ihor Romanko

What to do to keep your car clean
What to do to keep your car clean

Keeping your car's interior tidy can be tricky, as the driver may need to get rid of small debris from time to time, which is difficult to do on the go. This can lead to the glove compartment and other nooks and crannies being filled with papers, bags, cups, etc. This situation can continue until the driver can't stand the chaos of the car's interior.

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OBOZREVATEL offers a little life hack that will help you say goodbye to this problem once and for all. Just one tiny thing can change everything radically.

A special car trash can should be installed in the cabin. It has a miniature size and is designed to securely hold the waste inside, even on the move. In addition, such a bucket is usually waterproof, so wet garbage will not be a problem.

Such a gadget costs very little and does not take up extra space in the cabin, but it greatly contributes to maintaining order inside the car.

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