How to attract money and luck into your life: these four things radiate the energy of wealth

Kateryna Dutik

How to become rich - how to attract money and wealth into your life - folk signs
How to attract the energy of wealth into your home

Some things can attract the energy of wealth. For example, material prosperity can be boosted through clean front doors and windows.

1. Cleanliness in the house. It turns out that money comes with cleanliness. Therefore, you don't want to clutter your house. Try to clean it regularly and keep it that way.

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In addition, according to feng shui, money goes into the house through a clean bathroom and toilet. According to another version, wealth enters the house through a clean corridor and clean doors.

2. Necessary things. If you use certain items at least once a year, they are considered necessary. These things should be dusted with the same frequency. Then the energy circulation will not be disrupted.

Remember that things should not be on shelves or in cabinets, but rather be useful. Feel free to throw away what you haven't used for more than a year. This way you will have more space for new things into reality.

3. The right thoughts. Tune yourself in and visualize the new things you want like driving a car, going to the mountains, etc. Over time, you will get what you want, because the Universe implement your dreams.

4. Charitable deeds. The energy of wealth arises where there is an equal exchange. Thus, in order to receive, you have to give. There will be no balance if you only earn and accumulate.

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