How to store garlic: five ways that really work

Kateryna Dutik

How to store garlic correctly - is it possible to freeze garlic

Garlic can stay fresh for several months with a few helpful tips. For this you need more than just a ventilated and dark room.

The Sante Plus publication shared life hacks for proper storage of garlic. The optimal temperature is about 10 degrees.

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Garlic can be stored for almost 6 months in the basement or in a ventilated place, but away from light. However, temperature fluctuations can accelerate its sprouting. To enjoy it for as long as possible, here are the best storage methods.

1. Store garlic in a jar.

If you store garlic in the refrigerator with other vegetables, this will not prevent it from sprouting. It germinates faster if stored in a place that is too humid. If the environment is too dry, it begins to shrivel and dry out.

Try a life hack with a jar. Take a small airtight glass jar and put rice on the bottom. Divide the garlic into several cloves and place them directly into the jar. The rice will immediately be protected from excess moisture, and the garlic will stay fresh and flavorful longer.

2. Add the vegetable oil.

Using a soft brush, apply a little oil to each head of garlic. Calculate 20-25 drops of iodine per liter of vegetable oil. Once the garlic starts to dry, keep it in a ventilated area away from light and any heat sources.

3. Store garlic in linen bags.

If the humidity in the room is very low, you can sprinkle the garlic heads with small onion peels. Conversely, if the environment is too humid, add a saturated saline solution to the linen bag to absorb this excess moisture. As a bonus, this will protect the garlic from all kinds of pests and diseases.

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4. Storing fresh garlic in vinegar.

Many people prefer to pickle garlic. With the right technique, you can even store it for almost 4 months in the refrigerator.

To do this, peel the cloves and place them in a perfectly clean and dry glass jar. You should completely cover the garlic cloves with white vinegar (and even add some spices if you want). Subsequently, you will see that your dishes will be flavored with a special and exquisite taste.

5. Freezing garlic.

Garlic can be peeled, but you must peel it well, then wrap it in absorbent paper and put it in a container before placing it in the freezer. But be careful, after about two months, garlic can lose its flavor and properties. Therefore, we advise you to consume it in advance.

Whole heads and unpeeled pods can also be stored in the freezer. Place the garlic in a special plastic bag for freezing, remove the air, close it tightly and freeze it.

Make a garlic paste and freeze it. To do this, form the cubes in an ice cube tray and then transfer to an airtight bag. You can keep it frozen for six months.

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