How to understand your dog by behavior: infographic

Ihor Romanko

How to understand your dog by behavior: infographic

Dogs also have their own body language and sound that they use to express their emotions. Dogs' movements and posture can reflect their emotional state, but many owners don't understand what their pets are trying to communicate through body language and sounds.

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Even if tail wagging means joy for most people, there are many other emotions that a dog can express with its posture. For example, if a dog lies on its back with its paws curled up, it shows trust and submission. But if the dog is crouching down with its tail hanging between its legs and its ears pressed to its head, it may be a sign of tension or fear.

It's important for dog owners to understand their dog's body language to know when they are happy, content, upset, or stressed. Listen to the sounds you hear from your dog, as they are also an important part of communicating and understanding their emotions, needs, and moods.

Here are some of the sounds your dog may make and their possible meanings:

  • Intermittent barking, repeated over and over again, may indicate boredom;
  • A sad growl or bark that turns into a howl may be sign that your dog feels threatened;
  • Repetitive, long barking is likely to indicate your dog's desire to play.
How to understand your dog

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