How to clean windows to shine with tea: an unexpected life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to clean windows

For those of you who are constantly keeping your home clean, you know that windows require special attention after rain. To get rid of stains and dirt that accumulate on the glass, you usually need to wash them quite often.

However, there is a trick that allows you to forget about this daily task and keep your windows clean and shiny, which was shared by Telegraph.

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This technique requires only one ingredient that we have at hand, which is tea. You can clean the glass with regular brewed tea, avoiding the use of specialized store-bought products that often leave a thin sticky layer on the surface.

To prepare the tea cleaner, you will need a very strong brew. To make it, use 4 tea bags for one cup of water.

While the tea is brewing and cooling, you should prepare the windows by dusting them with a soft cloth dipped in clean water. Then simply wipe the glass with the brew, taking care not to damage the plastic frames. This simple tea solution will effectively clean your windows and keep them looking shiny for a long time.

If the tea leaves get on the plastic during the window cleaning process or if you need to remove yellowing from plastic frames, you can use a solution prepared with dishwasher detergent tablets. To do this, dissolve the detergent tablet in 800 ml of warm water, apply the solution to the window frames with a spray bottle, leave for 20-30 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly with clean water and be sure to wipe dry.

As a reminder, the network showed an easy way to clean furniture using common items that everyone has at hand.

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