How to determine if a color is right for you: stylist's tips

Maria Tsikhotska

How to determine if a color is right for you: stylist's tips

When choosing clothes, pay attention not only to the style and size but also to the color. Sometimes you like a certain color, but it doesn't suit you at all, while another color makes your skin glow and your eyes bright. UaPortal has figured out how to determine your color type so that in the future you can choose only those things that suit you. Stylist Olena Shevchenko told us how to choose the right color on her Instagram page.

How to determine if a color suits you

The stylist advises checking the compatibility of the color with your face.

"Bring this thing to your chin and see how your skin reacts. If the age spots have intensified, if the bruises under your eyes have increased, if the corners of your lips have sunk in, and wrinkles have become stronger, then this color definitely does not suit you," the expert explains. But if, on the contrary, the skin is "lit up" and seems to have tightened, then this color is definitely right for you.

How to make your look complete

The stylist emphasizes that jewelry plays a very important role in creating a perfect look. You should choose accessories depending on the event and time of day, as well as your hairstyle.

"If your hair is done up, choose earrings, if you have a deep open neckline, take a chain. And if you have both tied-up hair and a deep neckline, then choose a piece of jewelry to your liking," the stylist advises.

A few more tips for determining your color type:

Often, stylists use the so-called seasonal method to determine the color type, according to which all people are divided into cold color types - "Summer" and "Winter" and warm ones - "Autumn" and "Spring".

Color type "Spring"

The appearance of people with the "Spring" color type is dominated by light, warm shades. They have fair, thin skin with a warm pink undertone, light pink, beige, or pale peach lips. Their hair is usually light brown, with honey, wheat, or golden tint. Representatives of the Spring color type also have light green, light brown, blue, or gray eyes.

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Color type "Summer"

This color type is characterized by the presence of cold colors: cold pink with a gray or white undertone, light pink lips, and blond or ash hair. Eyes of the summer color type are green, blue, and light brown.

Autumn color type

This color type is dominated by copper shades - red or brown hair, warm peach skin color, and amber or light brown eyes.

Color type "Winter"

Representatives of this color type have a contrasting cold appearance. They have black hair, dark eyebrows, and eyelashes, and brown, blue, green, or hazel eyes. Lips are pink, skin is light with a cold olive tone.

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