How to clean and refresh pillows without washing: an unexpected life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to clean and refresh pillows without washing

During the summer months, pillows require special care, but you can easily clean them in the comfort of your home. Unpleasant odors, sweat stains, or yellowing can be removed with a simple ingredient you already have in your home.

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To clean pillows without using a washing machine, use this effective life hack. The main ingredient in this trick is baking soda.

Here's how to clean a pillow without using a washing machine

Baking soda is a great cleaning product, and it can also be used to care for bedding. This powder is excellent at absorbing moisture and neutralizing unpleasant odors, so it is ideal for cleaning pillows with traces of sweat.

You just need to spread the baking soda evenly on the surface of the pillows and leave them for a few hours. Then, use a handheld vacuum cleaner to pick up any remaining baking soda from the surface of the pillow.

There are also additional measures that will make it easier to care for your pillows:

  • Use protective pillow covers.
  • Regularly ventilate the pillow outside in sunny weather.
  • Wash pillowcases weekly.
  • Choose pillowcases that have moisture-repellent properties.

These simple tips will help you keep your pillows fresh, clean, and pleasant to the touch all summer long.

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