How not to damage your hair when using a hair dryer

Diana Bondarenko

How not to damage your hair when using a hair dryer
Hair care

Healthy and well-groomed hair is always in trend. To keep your curls beautiful, you need to know how to dry your hair properly.

UAportal will tell you about some rules that will facilitate home hair care and keep it in good condition. Thus, you should know how to use a hair dryer correctly:

When to dry your hair

It is important to keep in mind that you should not style hair that is too wet or that has already dried after washing. In the first case, the hair will be burdened with moisture, which can lead to breakage along the entire length. In the case of already dry hair, styling can lead to frizz and dryness. Hair should be at least 60% dry before using a hair dryer.

Thermal protection is mandatory

Thermal protection protects hair from overheating and static. Modern thermal protectants come in such forms as milk, cream, sprays, and fluids and provide not only protection from overheating but also additional useful functions such as adding shine, making it easier to clean the ends, moisturizing, protecting against UV damage, etc.

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Hair dryer attachments

Hair dryer attachments are a very useful accessory that will help you style your hair neatly and efficiently. Thanks to the nozzle, the hair dryer directs the air along a predetermined path, allowing you to process the strands one by one without drying out the hair. In addition, the nozzle makes it easier to deliver air jets to the root zone.


A diffuser is an accessory that is often underestimated. It is ideal for styling porous and curly hair, allowing you to lift curls and maximize the treatment of the root area. To use the diffuser, you just need to lower your head down, place it perpendicularly, and style your hair.

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