How to get rid of mosquitoes with coffee: a simple life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to repel mosquitoes with coffee grounds

Instead of using commercial repellents and citronella candles to fight mosquitoes in our yards, there is an interesting alternative that blogger Anna Kazerta has come up with on TikTok. She shared a video showing that sprinkling coffee grounds on the grass can help keep annoying insects away.

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She explained that beetles and mosquitoes can't stand the smell of coffee. That's why she sprinkles coffee grounds around her house. Firstly, it has an effective insect repellent effect, and secondly, it gives off a pleasant coffee aroma.

This trick aroused considerable interest among TikTok users, and the video received an impressive number of views - it was watched 1.8 million times. And perhaps this will be a useful information resource for those who are fighting mosquitoes and looking for unconventional methods of protection against these unpleasant insects.

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