How to store winter shoes so they take up less space: tips from housewives

Maria Tsikhotska

How to store winter shoes so they take up less space: tips from housewives

In small apartments, winter shoes are stored on the balcony. But you can't do that. The temperature changes on the balcony can cause the shoes to come unglued.

In addition, it is undesirable to store shoes in hermetically sealed containers. Over time, mold or fungus may appear on the shoes. Be sure to put pads with silicone balls in the shoe box to absorb excess moisture.

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Where to store winter shoes

The best place to store shoes is in a closet. Before packing them in the box, wash the shoes and laces. Wait until the shoes are completely dry, and put a cushion with silicone balls in the box to protect them from excessive moisture. You can put crumpled paper between a pair of shoes to prevent the shoes from touching each other.

If you have space in your apartment or house, make a shoe closet where you can arrange your shoes depending on the season. Winter boots can be stored compactly on the shelves - place one shoe with the toe against the wall and the other with the heel against the wall. This way, the shoes will take up less space.

Prohibitions for storing shoes:

- do not store shoes in places that are too warm/cold or in places with high humidity - things can dry out or become moldy;

- do not allow sunlight to get on the shoes;

- do not store shoes in tightly closed containers or bags, shoes should "breathe".

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