How home clutter affects the human psyche: scientists' answer was impressive

Maria Tsikhotska

How home clutter affects the human psyche: scientists' answer was impressive

Clutter starts with a large number of unnecessary things that we feel sorry to throw away. We can come up with hundreds of reasons why we don't throw away or give away a dress or jacket that we don't wear anymore and most likely won't. But we keep things that are too small for us "in case we lose weight", clothes that are out of fashion "in case they come back", and in general, we spent money on these things, so throwing them away is an unacceptable waste.

A messy home is directly related to the mess in our emotions and minds: old grievances, relationships that have exhausted themselves - all of this needs to be put in order. Clutter makes our lives more complicated because the simple daily search for keys among the junk takes a lot of our nerves. Every ten minutes of searching for keys in the morning translates into hours of wasted time.

Excessive clutter

When clutter at home takes on the image of Armageddon, it mentally and physically puts a person in a dysfunctional home environment that increases stress levels. Because of the clutter, a person loses the sense of security in their own home. You can't relax, you feel uncomfortable.

Clutter at home also affects your social life: you can't invite anyone over, and feel ashamed, which causes feelings of loneliness and inferiority.

A few steps to tidy up your home

To put your mind in order, first, clean up your home:

Throw away all unnecessary things

Go through every room and closet and throw away anything that has turned into garbage: old cosmetics, spoiled food, broken gadgets. If there are valuable items that you no longer use, give them away.

Give away furniture you don't need, clothes and shoes you no longer wear to charity or for recycling.

Divide your wardrobe into seasons

Hide out-of-season items. This will give you more space and order in your closet. There are many methods of storing things, even in a very small apartment.

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Don't buy several identical items at once

You probably won't wear your tenth pair of sandals or use your fifth kettle very often.

Don't stock up "for later."

Do you really need the sixth pair of jeans at a discount and a chair for the house you haven't bought yet? Buy what you really need.

Tidy up every day

Spend 10 to 20 minutes everyday cleaning. You can vacuum, and wash the bathroom or dishes. This way, cleaning will not take you half a day and will bring you joy.

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