"As if a demon had broken free": a man found a secret painting in the house where he had lived for 46 years

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'As if a demon had broken free': a man found a secret painting in the house where he had lived for 46 years

A man found a painting on the wall of his house depicting a man with red hair and no eyes. He noticed it for the first time in the 46 years he had lived in the house.

He posted a photo of the painting on Reddit and said that he was planning to make air ducts for a new air conditioner, but when he started making holes in the wall, he noticed that something was hidden between the partitions. When he cracked open the wall, he noticed an eerie painting-a portrait of an old man without eyes, painted in oil on a wooden canvas.


"I'm 46 years old, I've lived in this house all my life, which was owned by three generations of my family before, and I'm sure I've never seen this portrait before," he wrote.

When the man took a closer look at the painting, he noticed an inscription on the back: "An old man named 'Energy'. And on the portrait itself was written "Federik 1972".

He noted in the comments, where Reddit users claimed that it was some kind of "demonic image," that he did not feel any negative energy from the painting, so he would not throw it away or destroy it.

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"I feel the energy coming from this portrait, but it is not evil. It's like he's a guardian," the man added.

However, some forum users believe that the man should have "burned the painting along with the house."

Another user noted that he has a similar painting at home, but does not know who the author is.


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