How to defrost minced meat quickly without an oven or microwave

Anastasia Kryshchuk

How to defrost minced meat quickly without an oven or microwave

Frozen minced meat does not need to be thawed for a long time. It also doesn't require a microwave or oven, which may not work during power outages.

Housewives have their own secrets on how to defrost minced meat quickly. UAportal has prepared some useful tips to help you save time.

In particular, minced meat can be thawed under water. To do this, you need to keep it in a bag or cling film so that the meat does not lose its taste.

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Put the frozen minced meat in cold water, as hot water promotes bacterial growth and heats the meat unevenly. It will take up to an hour to defrost, and then the minced meat can be cooked.

If you leave the minced meat under water pressure, it will defrost in 15 minutes. However, you can waste a lot of water this way.

A quick option for defrosting minced meat is a water bath. To do this, put the minced meat out of the package into a bowl, which should be placed in a pot of hot water. Turn the minced meat over from time to time so that it defrosts evenly.

We remind you that many people store bread in the refrigerator, but this is not a good idea. Experts say that bread will spoil faster if stored this way.

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