Will deteriorate immediately: what not to store on the windowsill

Ihor Romanko

What things should not be stored on the windowsill

Often, some regular items require special storage, otherwise, they can quickly get damaged or deteriorate. In this article, we'll look at what items shouldn't be stored on a windowsill.

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  • Cleaning products. Cleaning experts advise keeping cleaning products away from the windowsill, even if it is a convenient place. According to them, detergents are subject to temperature and humidity fluctuations, which affects their quality and effectiveness;
  • Shower gels. Constant exposure to heat can make shower gels go slimy. It is better to store body products in a cabinet, or use hanging boxes that can be fixed in the shower;
  • Aerosols and flammable substances. Even if the window sill seems like a safe place, aerosol cans, and lighters should not be put there so as not to increase the risk of a fire in the house. These items catch fire quickly or explode even when exposed to the sun. The same goes for matches. These items should be stored in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and other heat sources;
  • Anything fragile. Not only do you risk damaging and breaking fragile items, but they can also be easily damaged by temperature changes and exposure to sunlight. It is better to put fragile items in a special cabinet or on built-in shelves, again, as far away from direct sunlight as possible.

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