These indoor plants "feed" on the energy of their owners

Kateryna Dutik

Which houseplants are dangerous to human energy - which flowerpots feed on human energy

Some plants can cause some discomfort: a pungent odor under the nose, aesthetics, etc. However, others feed on the energy of their owners.

Such indoor plants should not be placed in the bedroom or some other places. We are talking about cacti and monstera.

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1. Cacti. Cacti are believed to drain energy from humans. This is because they often grow in arid areas and have thorns.

Cacti also often contain alkaloids that can be toxic to humans. However, these alkaloids are not concentrated enough to pose a danger, but such a flowerpot should not be placed in the bedroom. In this case, you may have trouble sleeping, fatigue, headaches, etc.

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2. Monstera is a beautiful and unpretentious plant that can be a great decoration for any room. However, it should not be placed in the room where you rest or sleep. Thanks to its large, perforated leaves, monstera creates a tropical atmosphere in the house.

It is an unpretentious plant that can grow in various conditions. However, for the Monstera to develop well, it needs to be provided with the following conditions:

  • Light. Monstera needs bright but diffused light. Direct sunlight can damage the leaves of the plant.
  • Temperature. The optimal temperature for Monstera is 20-25 degrees Celsius.
  • Humidity. Monstera loves high humidity. It is recommended to spray the leaves of the plant with water regularly.
  • Watering. Monstera needs regular watering. The soil in the pot should always be slightly moist.
  • Feeding. Monstera is fed once a month from spring to autumn. Organic or mineral fertilizers are used for feeding.

As a reminder, houseplants green your space and bring benefits, but they can also be a source of inconvenience and problems. Some of them can attract pests, such as cockroaches.

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