Why wrap car keys in foil or put them in the refrigerator

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Why wrap car keys in foil or put them in the refrigerator
Why wrap car keys in foil or put them in the refrigerator

Drivers worldwide are confronted with the risk of car theft due to hacked electronic keys. Nevertheless, there are simple yet effective methods that can help safeguard your keys from thieves.

According to Ouest-France, one of the most unusual but effective life hacks involves using aluminum foil, a refrigerator, and a microwave.

The primary threat lies in thieves intercepting the signal from your key fob to gain unauthorized access to your vehicle. However, utilizing aluminum foil can thwart these attempts. Merely wrapping your keys in foil serves to block the signal transmission, thereby preventing break-ins.

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Another option is to store the keys in the refrigerator. The metal surfaces of the refrigerator act as a barrier, blocking the signal from the key fob and keeping the keys secure. However, it is important to ensure that freezing temperatures do not cause any damage to the keys.

If using a refrigerator is not convenient, a microwave can serve the same purpose. The metal construction of a microwave helps block the signal and safeguard the keys from hacking attempts.

By employing these life hacks, you can enhance the security of your keys and minimize the risk of car theft. While instances of key hacking are rare, it is important to remain aware of potential risks and take preventive measures.

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