Designers named 5 signs of a well-designed apartment

Maria Tsikhotska

Designers named 5 signs of a well-designed apartment
Kitchen-living room is one of the signs of a well-designed apartment

Modern new buildings differ significantly from Soviet high-rise buildings in terms of the variety of layouts. Nowadays, standard projects are becoming rare, but a few decades ago, all apartments were the same. Nowadays, the situation has changed, and many new buildings allow you to create your own layout that suits a particular family and their needs. A good layout can serve as the basis for a comfortable stay. Koval Studio Design will tell you what to look for when choosing an apartment.

Combined kitchen and living room

The living room is no longer a simple room for living, as it was in Soviet times. Now it is a place for family gatherings, receiving guests, and evenings with friends. A combined kitchen and living room not only simplifies the process of cooking and serving food, but also eliminates the separation between these areas, giving space to both rooms. It will also make your home look more spacious.

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Two or more bathrooms

If your apartment has two or more rooms, it is important to have a separate guest bathroom and a private one for the owner. Preferably, the second one should include a bathtub and a separate shower.

High ceiling

Many of us grew up in apartments with low ceilings, which seemed very cramped to us. However, builders are now moving away from this style, and although high ceilings increase the cost of apartments, they also add space.

Separate rooms and corridor

Each room should have its own separate exit to the corridor, without passing rooms. This improves the layout and makes it more functional. It is also desirable that the rooms are square or, if they are rectangular, not too elongated.

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