Do this once a month and your kettle will be perfectly clean from scale

Ihor Romanko

Do this once a month and your kettle will be perfectly clean from scale

A kettle is an essential household appliance that is used every day and probably many times. However, it is important to descale the appliance regularly to ensure that it works properly and does not degrade the taste of the water. Scale buildup can also put undue strain on the appliance, resulting in higher utility bills.

The easiest and most natural way to descale your kettle is to use lemon juice. This method is effective and cheap compared to chemicals. This was reported by the Express.

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Scale can shorten the life of your kettle, so it's important to remove it on time. Most often, scale deposits accumulate at the bottom of the kettle in regions with hard water. However, don't rush to use chemical descalers as there is a natural alternative. Citrus fruits, especially lemon, are considered to be one of the best natural cleaning agents.

It is recommended to descale the kettle about once a month. To use lemon to clean the kettle, you can use fresh lemon or buy ready-made lemon juice in the store. Fill the kettle with water to the halfway level, add lemon juice, and boil. Leave for 10-15 minutes to let the citric acid do its job. Then discard the water and sponge the kettle inside and out.

Lemon juice has unsurpassed properties for cleaning appliances, namely, it is good at removing limestone, so it is one of the best natural kettle cleaners. The acid contained in lemon juice effectively removes deposits, which in turn ensures a longer service life for the appliance. In addition, lemon has antibacterial properties that help disinfect the kettle.

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