What to do to keep car doors from squeaking: A 5-minute life hack

Ihor Romanko

How to lubricate car doors from squeaking
How to lubricate car doors from squeaking

Sooner or later, many drivers face an annoying problem: their car doors squeak. The reason for this unpleasant phenomenon is often the deterioration of an important part - a limiter or a lock. But how to deal with this trouble?

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The well-known automotive resource Apostrophe provides practical advice on this issue. Over time, the door stop can lose the lubricant that was originally applied to it. In addition, it often gets dirty and covered with a layer of dust, and sometimes water gets in.

Many drivers will try to lubricate the latch with solidol or "WD", but this can be a serious mistake. It turns out that such products can only aggravate the situation and cause the car door to lock poorly.

But if you want to find a simple, cheap and, most importantly, effective remedy, then pay attention to the bar soap staged by the article as an ideal option.

In order to use bar soap, you need to carefully remove all dirt and residues of previous lubrication from the stop. After that, you should lubricate the part with a dry bar, and the procedure will take you no more than five minutes. But the results will exceed all expectations, as the soap film that forms will completely eliminate the squeak and will not bother you for a long time.

Thus, solving the car door squeak problem can be an easy task if you use a bar soap with a neutral pH, such as baby soap. This method is quick, effective, and affordable for every driver.

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