How to water flowers so that they grow like yeast

Ihor Romanko

How to water flowers so that they grow like yeast

For potted plant lovers, there is a constant thing - the eternal wait for potted plants to reach the desired height or length, or to finally bloom. But to make indoor plants grow faster, you need not only optimal conditions but also the right fertilizer.

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To accelerate the growth of flowers, professionals use a trick - they water the plants with mineral water. The essence of the method is that mineral water contains trace elements and minerals that are useful for plants. Since the minerals are already dissolved in the water, they are absorbed faster and easier by plants. After watering, the roots can absorb and utilize the beneficial trace elements.

Succulents, aloe, and money trees love this kind of watering because saturating the soil with salt helps them grow and become brighter. Cacti form thorns well.

However, there are flowers that can be irreparably damaged by watering with mineral water. Anthurium, azalea, camellia, and orchid - for all these flowers, mineral water is dangerous. After such watering, the flowers can shed their unopened buds and die.

Watering with mineral water should be no more than once a month. Before watering, you need to let the water stand for a day so that carbon dioxide evaporates from it.

We offer to find out which indoor plants can harm the inhabitants of the house where they grow.

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