Archaeologists in Poland found skeleton of a man who lived on Earth 7000 years ago (photo)

Bylim Olena

Archaeologists in Poland found skeleton of a man who lived on Earth 7000 years ago (photo)

Archaeologists in Poland have discovered a remarkably well-preserved 7,000-year-old skeleton lying in the fetal position. The human remains were well preserved thanks to the soil with a non-acidic chemical composition - it acted as a natural preservative, protecting the skeleton.

This burial was accompanied by fragments of ceramics of the original culture of linear ceramics, writes the Polish edition of Dziennik Polski.


Paweł Mickiak, an archaeologist from Galty Earth & Engineering Services who led the excavations, said that the scientists expected to find the remains of medieval city walls. None of them imagined that they would find prehistoric objects.

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It is noted that the discovery was made in the vicinity of Krakow during the repair of the town square in Slomniky. Flint fragments were also found near the burial site, but unfortunately, part of the burial was damaged. Micik noted that the top layer of the grave had been leveled at some point in the past, which probably caused this damage.

Archaeologists say that the skeleton was lying in the shape of an embryo - on its side, arms pulled up to its chest and knees bent.


Scientists say that there may have been a farmers' settlement here before, so this grave could have belonged to "a member of the first farmers in modern Poland."

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