Andre Tan named things "for life": they will never go out of style

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Andre Tan named things 'for life': they will never go out of style

Some things, even if created by leading designers or stylists, lose their relevance over time and gather dust in the closets of fashionistas. However, some things remain relevant for a long time.

The famous Ukrainian designer Andre Tan named the models of clothes that are worth buying if you want to wear them for a long time and look stylish at the same time.

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He advised to pay attention to classic jackets. Such things, he says, "have gone far beyond business style" and have become a favorite wardrobe item.


"You can wear it to work, to any special occasion or just for a walk. With a jacket, the look always looks stylish, even if you wear it with regular jeans and a T-shirt," the designer added.

Andre Tan also reminded about "little black dresses".


According to him, "it's always a winning option." "The little black dress should have its place in everyone's wardrobe! Coco Chanel said it, and I am telling you about it. Since then, no matter how the trends change, the black dress is always with us and helps in different life situations. This thing will never go out of style," he assured.

You should also take care of shirts and straight jeans.


The designer insists that these things are always fashionable. "The shirt can be worn not only as a standalone item, but also as a top layer, and you can wear a T-shirt, turtleneck or even a dress underneath," says Tan.


According to him, "no trendy style can replace the right straight jeans." "They look expensive, emphasize the fragility of the ankles and fit perfectly into any look," says the fashion designer.

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Finally, he reminded us of vests, as they became fashionable in the last century at the initiative of Coco Chanel.


"You can create a lot of cool looks with them: sporty, romantic, casual, business. The sleeves of a tee can be either short or long, so it can be worn in any weather and create even more interesting looks," advised Andre Tan.

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