4 foods that should not be washed before cooking

Kateryna Dutik

4 foods that should not be washed before cooking

People are used to washing almost everything they bring home. However, this habit can do more harm than good.

In some cases, washing causes the spread of bacteria. Therefore, UAportal tells you which products should not be washed.

1. Eggs. The egg skin is treated with a substance that protects against the penetration of microorganisms. If you wash them, the water will destroy the protective film.

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2. Raw meat. Do not wash raw meat (pork, veal, beef, lamb, chicken) before cooking. If there are bacteria on its surface that are hazardous to health, they will end up on the sink, tap, your hands and kitchen surface with the water. They can be eliminated by heat treatment and then washing your hands with soap and water under hot water.

Before cooking, you can remove moisture from the meat with paper towels or napkins.

3. Pasta. Chefs call rinsing pasta with water a crime, because this way the product loses starch, which absorbs the sauce.

Pasta should be washed only after cooking and only if you are going to make it into a salad or Asian noodles using the stir-fry technique.

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4. Mushrooms should not be soaked in water because they absorb it very well. They should be lightly rinsed and dried with a paper towel. You can do this only before you cook.

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