"Burned to death at work": a collaborator who equipped torture chambers for Kherson residents was blown up in occupied Skadovsk (video)

Kateryna Dutik

Collaborator's car blown up in Skadovsk

A car with a collaborator was blown up in the occupied Skadovsk, Kherson region. It was the car of a platoon commander of the Russian occupation police.

This was reported by military journalist Andriy Tsaplienko on Telegram. According to him, the traitor who was blown up was Serhiy Moskalenko.

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The car blown up in the Kherson region was carrying collaborator Serhiy Moskalenko, who owned the Jaguar security firm before the full-scale Russian invasion. Initially, he compiled lists for the Russian Armed Forces that included Ukrainian activists, police officers, and ATO veterans.

"Later he got a position in the Novokakhovka 'police department'. He also set up a torture chamber there. According to the updated data, the explosion took place in the village of Yuvileine," the statement said.

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Earlier, a KamAZ truck with Russian occupants inside overturned in the Belgorod region.

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