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"Climbed onto the roof and started throwing grenades at the enemy": border guards repelled an assault in Bakhmut (video)

Maxim Karpenko

'Climbed onto the roof and started throwing grenades at the enemy': border guards repelled an assault in Bakhmut (video)

Ukrainian border guards found themselves surrounded by "Wagnerians" in Bakhmut. The defenders of Ukraine managed to hold the defense and get out of the battle.

In addition, border guards destroyed a group of enemies. This was reported by the State Border Service.

"We took up the position on April 1. There were four of us. The day passed, in principle, as usual. Constant mortar fire," the border guard told "Architektur".

It is noted that in Bakhmut there are dense buildings and a small distance between houses. This allowed the "Wagners" to occupy neighboring houses at night and surround the border guards.

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"And in the morning the battle began. It was very heavy. And I decided to climb onto the roof to throw a few grenades in their direction," he said.

One of the occupants managed to get into the house, but he was eliminated. "Wagnerivets" managed to throw several grenades, which caused the building to catch fire.

"At night, the occupiers occupied neighboring houses. The battle began already in the morning. In order to repel the attack, the "Architect" climbed onto the roof and started throwing grenades at the enemy. The fighters managed to get out of the surrounded building and also destroy the occupiers," the State Border Service added.

We will remind you that earlier the Ukrainian military conducted a number of successful counterattacks near Bakhmut and "struck" the enemy. The fighters of the 3rd separate assault brigade were engaged in the elimination of the enemy.

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