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"Saving Private Mavik": the military showed the "abduction of a wounded drone" from under the nose of the occupiers (video)

Bylim Olena

'Saving Private Mavik': the military showed the 'abduction of a wounded drone' from under the nose of the occupiers (video)

In one of the frontline areas, Ukrainian defenders had to conduct a special operation to rescue a damaged quadcopter. This involved another drone and a special device that evacuates "wounded" drones.

The video of the Mavic drone rescue was posted on social media. The "wounded comrade" was evacuated right under the noses of Russian militants.

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The footage shows how Ukrainian aerial reconnaissance men spotted a drone near the enemy positions where Russian militants were located, which was shot down or crashed right next to a Russian trench.

Our defenders from the Adam Joint Task Force decided to use another drone to carry the "wounded" off the battlefield. They attached a cable with a special gripping mechanism, the so-called "claws", to another drone. With the help of this device, they managed to grab the downed Mavic and carry it to a safe distance.

"Every Mavic deserves a special operation," our defenders commented on the video.

Here is how Ukrainian soldiers at the front had to sacrifice a drone to eliminate an enemy drone that was helping the enemy to adjust fire on Ukrainian positions.

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