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Starting May 1, subsidies will be recalculated: what documents to submit and where

Ihor Romanko

Starting May 1, subsidies will be recalculated: what documents to submit and where

The end of the heating season in Ukraine on May 1 will result in the recalculation of housing subsidies for all households for the period when heating is not required. The majority of recipients of housing subsidies and benefits for the non-heating season who received housing subsidies during the heating season will be automatically reassigned from May.

This will happen on the basis of the information available to the Pension Fund of Ukraine if the data on property status and family composition have not changed. However, if changes have occurred, the recipients of the subsidy must notify the Fund's body no later than 30 days before the start of the new subsidy period.

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There is a certain category of people who must apply for a subsidy for the non-heating period, namely

  • households with internally displaced persons;
  • household members who rent residential premises and pay for housing and utility services;
  • the number of actually residing registered persons in the household is less than the number of registered persons;
  • the household applies for a housing subsidy for the purchase of liquefied gas and solid and liquid household stove fuel.

A housing subsidy for the non-heating season can be granted only on the basis of a citizen's application if during the heating season the number of payments for housing and communal services, a contribution, or payment to cover the costs of managing an apartment building did not exceed the established social standards. If these payments amount to UAH 0.00, the subsidy for the non-heating season is granted at the request of the citizen.

In order to receive a housing subsidy for the non-heating period (from May 1 to September 30), household representatives can submit a completed application and declaration to the Fund's body in a way convenient for them.

If the application is submitted within two months from the beginning of the non-heating (heating) period, the housing subsidy is granted from the beginning of this period, but not earlier than the day when the right to receive it arose.

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To receive housing subsidies and benefits, you can use several methods, depending on which one is more convenient for you

  • apply in person to the selected service center of the Pension Fund of Ukraine;
  • send documents by mail to the address of the Fund's body;
  • use online services through the web portal of the Pension Fund of Ukraine's electronic services or the Pension Fund's mobile application.

You can also submit documents for subsidies to authorized officials of the executive body of the village, town, or city council of the respective territorial communities, administrative service centers, and through the Diia portal, as before.

Earlier, the Pension Fund named the categories of Ukrainians who can receive a subsidy even without meeting one of the conditions.

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