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"Let them help": Russian MP suggests sending stray dogs to war (video)

Bylim Olena

'Let them help': Russian MP suggests sending stray dogs to war (video)

Lawmakers in Russia are coming up with new ways to replenish their army. One of the deputies of the State Duma, Fedot Tumusov, said during a meeting that stray dogs of large breeds should be sent to war.

He believes that in this way it is possible to solve the problem of manpower shortage and the problem of stray dogs in Russia.

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When State Duma deputies were discussing a bill on the treatment of stray animals, Tumusov said:

"We have a lot of dog handlers in our country who can teach dogs all sorts of different skills. Have you considered such an option, when large, aggressive dogs would be trained by dog handlers and sent to the zone of a "special military operation". Let them help pull out the wounded, participate in mine clearance."

According to the deputy, as the experience of the Great Patriotic War shows, they can participate in other cases," Tumusov added.

We would like to add that last year, Russian Communist Party deputy Viktor Makarov suggested using stray dogs as anti-tank weapons in the war. This also happened during a discussion of the problem with stray animals. "I propose to raise these dogs to blow up tanks," he said.

Earlier, the network told a story about a Cane Corso service dog named Vasya, who got tangled in wires and chewed off his paw when he returned to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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