Why girls go to OnlyFans and expose their bodies: a Ukrainian woman shares her experience

Kateryna Dutik

How to make money on OnlyFans - Natasha Udovenko about working in porn

Natasha Udovenko, a well-known soft-porn and erotic actress from Ukraine, told us why girls decide to expose their bodies for money and how they come to OnlyFans. According to her, the first reason is poverty or low income.

Udovenko admitted this in a podcast on the БЕЗКРОВНИЙ YouTube channel. She has chosen the path of a model and porn actress since her student days.

The girl noted that she did not have a clear decision that she wanted to work in this field. She was a poor student at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv who came from the countryside. Natasha saw that most of the students dressed stylishly, drove expensive cars, and went to fashionable establishments.

"And I was ashamed that I was wearing shabby clothes like that. I was not some kind of fashionable, cool person. I was uncomfortable and felt like a black sheep. So in my second year at university, I started actively looking for some part-time work, just on the internet. There were many different castings, and I went to them. In general, my work started with being an ordinary model," Udovenko said.

According to her, the money paid for modelling was not enough. So she started looking further and came across a casting call that paid 50 euros for a nude set. She applied for the advert, which promised to shoot 10 sets.

"I thought it would be just nude. I came and the guy said to me: 'Show me your p*ssy'. That's it, he says: 'Spread your legs'. We signed a contract before I came to the shoot," she said, adding that she was very happy with the 500 euros she earned.

After that, other studios, companies, and websites noticed her. Almost immediately, she signed a one-year contract with a pornographic website. It was in 2015, and even then Natasha was guaranteed to earn $2,000 a month without even filming.

Udovenko complained that when her friends found out about her work, they started to bully and hate her. Society at the time did not understand this, this openness. But the girl continued to work in the porn business and became quite famous abroad, and then in Ukraine.

This work also causes problems in her personal and sexual life. Nevertheless, girls are increasingly turning to OnlyFans, where they can earn good money by getting naked on camera.

Recall that an escort from Kyiv, Oksana Voloshchuk, better known as Ksenia Mannequin, received an order from the authorities for "helping military intelligence". After that, a scandal erupted online.

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