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Intelligence: Occupants in Crimea are preparing for Ukrainian operation to liberate the peninsula

Maxim Karpenko

Intelligence: Occupants in Crimea are preparing for Ukrainian operation to liberate the peninsula

The occupation authorities in Crimea began preparing for a Ukrainian operation to liberate the peninsula. In particular, the Russians announced the introduction of a "high level of terrorist threat".

The measures will not stop until the relevant decision to cancel them is issued. This was reported on the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine's Telegram channel.

"The Russian occupation administration of Crimea and the local FSB office issued a 'decision to establish a high (yellow) level of terrorist threat'. According to the document, a high level of threat is established in the settlements of Armyansk, Dzhankoy, Kerch, Krasnoperekopsk, as well as in the Dzhankoy, Krasnoperekopsk and Leninsky (Yedikuysky) districts of Crimea," the statement said.

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It is noted that the same level of threat has also been announced at the subordinate facilities of the occupation ministries:

  • transport,
  • housing and communal services,
  • healthcare,
  • fuel and energy,
  • industrial policy and the Committee on Water Management and Land Reclamation.

In particular, the occupiers in Crimea will tighten control over the movement of vehicles and citizens, and will oblige them to register their temporary residence.

Intelligence suggests that the "security measures" not only signal the occupiers' preparations for the liberation of the peninsula by the Ukrainian military, but also possible provocations against civilians to blame Ukraine.

Earlier, retired US General Ben Hodges said that the liberation of Crimea is the key to victory in the war against Russia and suggested when the Ukrainian Armed Forces could de-occupy the peninsula.

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