Do not drink mineral water: what to do if you overeat on Easter

Anastasia Kryshchuk

Do not drink mineral water: what to do if you overeat on Easter

In Ukraine, on April 16, Christians of the Orthodox rite will celebrate one of the biggest church holidays - Easter. On this day, Great Lent ends, and it is customary to put a lot of delicious dishes on the festive table.

However, excessive consumption of fried, fatty and high-calorie foods can cause complications. UAportal has collected tips that will help overcome the consequences of overeating.

First of all, you should avoid overeating - monitor portion sizes, give up alcohol, and take breaks between meals. However, if heaviness in the stomach still occurs after the festive meal, you can drink the low-fat broth.

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You can also drink homemade compotes, juices, still water, or tea without sugar. This will increase the amount of fluid in the body and speed up metabolism.

It is worth giving up mineral water or carbonated drinks. They will only worsen the condition because the bubbles will create additional gases in the intestine, which will lead to bloating.

You can also use tablets to speed up digestion, but it is important to consult a doctor. Self-medication can be harmful to health.

WARNING! This content is for informational purposes only and does not contain any medical advice. For medication, diagnosis, and other medical advice, consult your doctor.

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