How to attract money, success and wealth: what folk signs really work

Kateryna Dutik

How to attract money, success and wealth: what folk signs really work

Our ancestors believed that some omens and various signs could help to get rich and live in abundance. Nowadays, such things are not paid attention to.

However, UAportal offers to find out which folk signs actually work. Because sometimes simple actions can attract wealth into your life.

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1. You cannot keep a lot of small coins in your wallet. Every Sunday, all small bills and coins should be taken out to spend or give away. Otherwise, you will have only small money in your life.

2. It is strictly forbidden to lend money on Monday because you will be forced to give money from home all week.

3. The best time to pay debts is in the morning, but bills should be folded in half. Thanks to this simple method, money will flow.

4. Try not to exchange money, because this way you disturb the energy. If you exchange paper money for coins, then many tears will come into your life. If large bills for small ones - there will be a lot of expenses.

5. Do not keep empty bottles on the table. Because in this way you will bring quarrels, sorrow, and tears to the family.

6. Sitting at the table - to poverty.

7. Money must be deposited consistently and "face to face".

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8. If you received a lot of money, put aside one bill and always carry it in your wallet to attract cash flows. It cannot be spent or exchanged.

9. It is better not to put money on the table, as it leads to material losses.

10. Crumbs from the table cannot be collected in the trash can. You can feed them to the birds.

11. It is better not to pick up coins on the street, as they may have negative energy.

12. A few coins should be placed under the mat of the entrance door, which will attract money flow into the house.

13. Wealth is attracted by earrings, bracelets, and a necklace with large stones. Try to wear such jewelry more often.

For men, such money magnets are rings, pins, cufflinks, a watch made of gold, silver, or with precious stones.

A pebble of rock crystal, which can be carried in a purse, protects well from financial losses.

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14. It is better not to put a bag with money on the floor, because in this way you will incur financial costs.

15. The wallet should never be empty. Pour some coins and a paper bill in there.

16. You should not complain about the lack of money, because this way you attract other material difficulties.

17. It is not necessary to collect money for a "dark day". You better spend them on something good and something that will bring joy.

18. Financial documents must be kept in a closed envelope or red folder. So you won't have problems paying bills.

19. You should not keep torn bills in your wallet and house. Because they will ward off financial success.

20. When paying for purchases, it is better to put the money on the counter and take the change from the hands of the seller.

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We will remind you that prohibitions and superstitions in Ukraine played a significant role in the formation of the cultural identity of the country. Therefore, UAportal talks about the most common superstitions and prohibitions that exist in Ukrainian everyday life and family life.

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