Death is near: why you shouldn't keep a broken watch at home

Ihor Romanko

What are the folk signs and superstitions associated with broken watches?

Mysterious folk signs and superstitions have always attracted people's attention. One of these signs is associated with a broken clock. According to many cultures, keeping such a clock at home has a negative impact on the energy and harmony of the family space.

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In many cultures, a clock is considered not only a device for measuring time, but also a symbol. It is associated with the movement of time, its continuous progress, and the flow of life. A broken watch, stopped at a certain moment, becomes a symbol of stopped, delayed time. And this causes anxiety in people.

According to the custom, keeping a broken clock at home means "holding back" time and blocking its flow. It is believed that this can lead to disagreements, bad luck and negative energy in the family. Such signs and superstitions arose as a reflection of the fear of the unknown and the danger associated with stopping time.

If an old clock that doesn't work suddenly chimes, it is said that death is near. Keeping broken things is also considered bad feng shui, a sign that there is clutter in your home (and soul) that should be cleaned up.

It's worth noting that these signs have no scientific basis and are just popular beliefs. But they have their place in cultural heritage and folklore.

It is worth reminding that prohibitions and superstitions in Ukraine have played a significant role in shaping the country's cultural identity. Therefore, UAportal tells you about the most common superstitions and prohibitions that exist in Ukrainian everyday life and family life.

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